Blackhurst & Bourne

Burslem, Staffordshire, 1880 - 1892

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Hadderidge Pottery,
1880 - 1892
This was the second partnership operating from the Hadderidge Pottery recorded as producing "Asiatic Pheasants" wares, Blackhust had previously been in partnership with Heath (Heath & Blackhurst)from 1859 - 1879 and another shortlived partnership with Tunnicliffe in 1879 before joining with Bourne in1880.
Bourne afterwards formed Ltd company with Leigh and took over the Albion and Leighton Works in Burslem.
Bourne & Leigh were also producers of "Asiatic Pheasants" wares

Marks employed

Printed mark contained in the Asiatic Pheasants Cartouche
B & B