Bovey Tracey Pottery Co

Bovey Tracey, Devonshire, 1842 - 1894

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Folly Pottery
Bovey Tracey,
1842 - 1894
Founded in an established pottery the Bovey Tracey Pottery Co, was originally a partnership beween Messrs Buller and Divett .The relative isolation of Devon and the West country allowed this company to flourish with a good local market, supplying the navy in her ports along the Channel and enjoying their protection in their exports to the Mediterranean ports. Employed many standard patterns including "Willow" and "Asiatic Pheasants" to supply demand in the west of England and further afield. So far no marks suggest that their "Asiatic Pheasants" production was any later than 1894 .
Floated as the Bovey Pottery Co. Ltd company in 1894
and remained a flourishing concern until their demise in 1957

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