Cartwright & Edwards (Ltd)

Fenton, Staffordshire, 1858 -

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Warren Street,

1858 - 1869
Borough Pottery,

1869 - 1955
Victoria Works,*

1912 - 1955
Longton & Heron Cross Pottery,

1916 -
Newborough & Sutherland Potteries,

1960 -

Recorded as being founded in 1858 in Warren Street, Longton before occupying the newly built the Borough Pottery in 1869, an extensive works built as a "model" factory. The company worked originally earthenwares and later in the C20th in bone china. The size of the Borough Pottery and the later expansion to take in the other works show that Cartwright & Edwards a major pottery producer and were known to produce a broad range of products
* James Reeves also producers as "Asiatic Pheasants" wares are recorded as occupying the Victoria Works in Fenton until 1948
Added Ltd to their mark in 1926.
Known to have produced "Asiatic Pheasants" not only in blue but also light brown and possibly other colours as well.
Became part of Alfred Clough Ltd from 1955.
Subsequently sold to the Colorall Ceramics Group in 1987

Marks employed

The C & E mark was also used by Cork & Edge of Burslem
but attribution of "Asiatic Pheasants" wares to Cork & Edge may be more wishful thinking than accurate.