Hancock & Whittingham partnerships

Burslem & Stoke, Staffordshire 1863 - 1879

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Swan Bank Works,

Hancock Whittingham & Co

1863 - 1872
Bridge Works,

Hancock & Whittingham

(See Sampson Hancock 1858 - 1937)
1873 - 1879
The Hancock Whittingham partnership were producing good quality earthenwares at the Swan Bank Works in Burslem, before moving to Stoke.
They apparently shared the Bridge Works with other pottery firms namely Sampson Hancock 1858 - 1937 and Benjamin & Sampson Hancock 1876 - 81 which suggests that this partnership probably rented their potteries., a common enough practise at the time.
The "Asiatic Pheasants" mark only records the Burslem partnership.
The initial marks SH suggest that Sampson Hancock also produced the pattern possibly after H & W relocated in Stoke.

Marks employed

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