Ralph Hammersley

Tunstall & Burslem, Staffordshire 1859 - 1885

Ralph Hammersley & Son

Burslem, Staffordshire 1885 - 1905

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Church Bank Pottery,
1860 - 1883
Overhouse Pottery,
1880 - 1905
Black Works ,
1885 - 1888
Ralph Hammersley established his family business in Tunstall in 1860 at the Church Banks Works sharing with Beech & Hancock who moved out to take over the Swan Bank Works from the newly formed Wedgwood & Co two years later (1862) The space vacated by Beech Hancock was later occupied by Thomas Booth, another family business, until Ralph moved his production to the Black Works in Tunstall in 1880 (until 1885) and establishing a more permanent base in Burslem in 1883 taking his son into partnership when they found themselves operating factories in the two towns. Possibly formed a Ltd. Company in their later years
Produced good quality earthenwares including "Asiatic Pheasants" wares at the Church Banks Works. Devised their own cartouche for their "Asiatic Pheasants" wares which included a harp which suggests that they were involved in exports from the port of Liverpool both to Ireland and the quickly growing Irish immigrant community on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

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