Sampson Hancock

Tunstall,Stoke & Hanley, Staffordshire 1858 - 1937

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1858 - 1870
Bridge Works,
1870 - 1935
Corona Pottery, as S.Hancock & Sons(Potters) Ltd
1935 - 1937
Sampson Hancock were working for some years in Tunstall before moving to Stoke in 1870, they were joined in the Bridge Street works by the Hancock & Whittingham partnership from 1873 - 1879 and also the partnership of Benjamin & Sampson Hancock from 1876 - 1881. In 1891 they restyled as Sampson Hancock & Sons until 1935 when the firm floated as a Ltd company and established themselves at the Corona works in Hanley.
Hancock & Whittingham had already been producing "Asiatic Pheasants" wares at Burslem before they came to Stoke.
The SH mark was used by Sampson Hancock from 1858 until 1891, during which period the "Asiatic Pheasants" pattern was produced is not recorded but it is likely to have arrived with Hancock & Whittingham and was probably produced in the period 1873 - 1891

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