Thomas Fell & Co

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland 1817 - 1890

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St. Peter's Pottery,
1817 - 1890
Famous Newcastle pottery firm supplying the North-east of England and the Baltic Trade with their domestic Dinner and Teawares. Working in earthenware this company adopted many of the popular C19th patterns including "Willow", "Wild Rose" and "Asiatic Pheasants" . Styled itself & Co somewhere around 1830 and usually employed the impressed mark FELL on larger pieces.
"Asiatic Pheasants" wares were unlikely to have been produced here before the mid 1860's and probably somewhat later but the popularity of the pattern suggests that they used it up until their closure in 1890.

Marks employed

impressed mark
F & Co
Printed mark contained in the Asiatic Pheasants Cartouche